Academia Cravatica


All about fashion, culture and current events of the cravat in the world.
Academia Cravatica is a non-profit institution that studies, preserves and improves the cravat as a Croatian and world heritage.


2017. – 350 years of restructuring elite cavalry regiment Royal Cravates

2019. – 400 years since the first mention of Croats (Crabat) as part of the Imperial Army

2022. – 400 years of Ivan Gundulić’s portrait with the cravat

A cravat, a pipe and a robe define a man’s elegance.

Clark Gable

A true gent will always wear his cravat well

Noel Coward

Llevar la corbata es un asunto de honor. (It is an honour to wear a cravat.)

A Spanish caballero

If a person steps on your cravat, you are to blame because you were kneeling.

Karl Lagerfeld

If Freud had watched his patients’ cravats, he would not have had the need to listen to their dreams.

Luca Goldoni

La Cravate, c¸est I homme.

Honore de Balzac

A well-knotted cravat is the first serious step in a man’s life.

Oscar Wilde