About us

About us

Academia Cravatica is the internationally central institution dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of the cravat as the cultural legacy of Croatia and the world.

Starting with the indisputable truth that the cravat is embedded in all the aspects of the civilization and all the segments of the contemporary, globalized society, Academia Cravatica upholds the cravat and its values and treats it not only as an accessory that to this day sends a whole range of sophisticated and discreet messages, but also as the universal symbol enriched with centuries of the historical and cultural heritage.

Bringing round the neglected aspects of the phenomenon of the cravat and pointing to their multitude, Academia Cravatica pays due attention to the points of view of fashion and history, of sociology and philosophy, culture and art, and even of economy and politics. It further strives to provide the synthesis of all the dimensions of the cravat to the public, displaying the abundance of its manifestations and building a unified sense of the cravat for the past, the present and the future.

Apart from keeping the memory alive of the culture that gave rise to the cravat, Academia Cravatica considers the role the cravat plays within the culture it came to represent over the past few centuries, but also promotes its purpose in the modern times, where – despite all the social vicissitudes – the cravat still remains the cultural and fashion artefact of imperishable value.

We abide by the principle of cooperation between those international circles that hold in their value system the awareness of the cravat as the symbol of the highest form of civility and classic decorum.

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