Some of the most famous quotations about the cravat are available here. The mysticism and the symbolic of the cravat is best seen in the sentences of famous people who considered the cravat not only an accessory, but a way of living and contemplating.


A well-knotted cravat is the first serious step in a man’s life.

Oscar Wilde

La Cravate, c¸est I homme.

Honore de Balzac

A modern man has only one accessory to mark his presence – a cravat.

Alberto Moravia

Llevar la corbata es un asunto de honor. (It is an honour to wear a cravat.)

A Spanish caballero

A cravat, a pipe and a robe define a man’s elegance.

Clark Gable

If Freud had watched his patients’ cravats, he would not have had the need to listen to their dreams.

Luca Goldoni, writer

A true gent will always wear his cravat well

Mr. Coward

Tell a man you like his cravat and you will see his personality open like a flower.

Countess Mara, American tie designer of the 1940s

If a person steps on your cravat, you are to blame because you were kneeling.

Karl Lagerfeld


Most of the people who wear bow- ties wear them because other people do not.

In order to be free and elegant, one has to love a cravat – an article of clothing essential in expressing one’s personality and the wish to change.

Everything we desire, say and wear has a deeper meaning.

A cravat is a mask we put on every morning in order to play our part better.

The most elegant cravat lives beyond fashion seasons. Just like products, designs and weaves of cravats have only one destiny: to stay, to remain precious and personal for the years to come.

Just like women use stockings to seduce men, men could use cravats to seduce women.