Ivan Merz – The blessed one with a cravat


Dr. Ivan Merz is known as the blessed one with a cravat or the cravat saint. He was one of few saints who wore a cravat. He had worn a cravat from his school days until his death. It is interesting that about a dozen of his cravats are kept in his museum in Zagreb.

When a parish priest from Osijek wanted to order a painting of the Blessed Ivan Merz for his parish, a painter, who knew little about the saint, asked him what kind of mantle he wanted on the saint. The parish priest laughed and said:” Forget the mantle! It is a saint with a cravat! Paint a cravat and a civilian suit.” Bishop Franjo Komarica also keeps one of his cravats as a precious relic. Visit www.ivanmerz.hr for more information about the life of Ivan Merz.