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Academia Cravatica is a non-profit institution founded on 26th March 1997 and it studies, preserves and improves the cravat as a part of Croatian and world heritage. The manager of the institution is prof. Marijan Bušić and the firm Potomac d.o.o. from Zagreb is the founder.

Academia Cravatica builds from an authentic historical fact that the cravat emerged as an expression of the genius of the Croatian people and that this fashion ornament is a medium able to transmit many discreet messages to the world. By spreading the truth about the cravat, we improve Croatia’s image in international public.

The fact that Croats invented the cravat makes us proud to be Croats and the fact also induces respect in people from other nations.

On the other hand, by acknowledging the role of the French people in cravat’s history (who had recognised this ornament on Croatian soldiers), the role of the English people (who had spread it across the world) and the role of other nations which had embraced the cravat, we want to promote partnership between the Croats and other nations as well.