The tie in the rye


Cultivating land is the foundation of human civilization in general. Cultivating fields (agera) leads to agriculture, and in a figurative sense every area of man’s work is a field. So also in art, we talk about the field of a picture, which in land art has becomes the literal field on a background of land. If we turn our attention to what is added to the field, we can talk about formation, whether in pigments of colors or anything else. Here in this case, it is the grain, an elementary food, which feeds the human race, which receives a blessing as food, a value which we should never cease to appreciate and honor in a special way.

In the series of art projects by Marijan Bušić – a series which began with the thunderous Tie Around the Arena – a spectacular, symbolic message, a mega attraction, installation and performance brought together in a unique way, whereby the concept and performance find maximum expression. Then came the turn of the project The Tie in the Rye.

The tie in the rye is a true acknowledgement of value; with concern for the environment it could be described as ecologically aware, a nature-friendly project. Through the material of which it was made it glorified the grain, by its form, it glorified, of course, the tie. This unusual, wondrous article of clothing, praised and criticised for its lack of practicality, which makes some people attack it and seek to do away with it – is identified as a work of art. That is to say, it is well-known that art is defined as a product which does not, strictly speaking, have a specific function, or any practical value. However, despite the lack of this component, art is the highest product of the human spirit.