Wardrobe is a French word: garde (to keep, preserve) and robe (clothing, wardrobe). It keeps not only our clothing garments, but our secrets, mysteries, and continuous games as well.Good wardrobe, i.e. a number of clothing garments and fashion details which can be combined together, is created at the same moment when a desired vision of one´s appearance and style is precisely depicted. From that moment on, the image has to be directed in a way that each and every new acquisition contains a precise connection with the complete style, as we would say for a piece of art in a collection, that it has only one function – function that will do more than indulging a whim. A desired clothing garment has to be put into the context with the rest of the garments that have you already obtained.

Good wardrobe, as good library, is finally starting to get a shape well formed, and only after a number of years it may be considered defined. Only at this point, in carefully chosen wardrobe cabinets, the clothing garments are starting to get older and better. Time is the only judge who can evaluate clothes, outside a certain moment´s pointless trends. So, fabric has to be made of natural materials: wool, flax, silk or cotton. To wrap it up – let´s remind ourselves that a philosophical a collector´s point of view can be put into use very successfully, even on those who do not own more than three suits and twenty cravats. It isn´t necessary to be a multimillionaire to know how to dress well, however, taking care of your wardrobe is of great importance, for the clothes make a necessary item that travels with us along the way, all along the journey of life.