Materials that go together

When one chooses a cravat to wear that day, one also has to pay attention to the material. There are certain rules that should be followed to make the choice easier. For example, because [...]

Cravat psychology

Psychology and clinic psychology have studied the cravat as a unique fashion phenomenon. Here are some interesting insights. If a person wears only one cravat type: striped patterns reveal a powerful will and power [...]

Advice from the past

Here is some advice from Count Della Galda’s book (1827) “The art of knotting cravats in usual and unusual ways in sixteen lessons”. Here are some guidelines on which cravats to take on a [...]

How to match a cravat and a suit

A cravat is an important accessory and it should match our attire in material, pattern and colour. If one does not have many cravats, it is sufficient to have two plain cravats which can [...]