Academia Cravatica offers its library catalogue to all poeple interested in the phenomenon of the cravat such as students, people who work in culture or science, the press and researchers. Depening on your needs, we can provide information, advice or help and give acces to our archives if you need to borrow, get a copy or a translation of parts of some works.

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  1. Prosenjak, Božidar (2000). The story of the cravat. Zagreb.44 pages. This novel was awarded with the “Grigor Vitez” literary prize and in an interesting and illustrative way it tells how the cravat conquered the world with its symbolic and romantic story about cravat. The book is also published in English and Japanese.
  2. Načinović, Daniel and Gregov, Ivan (2003). Veli Jože’s cravat or The Fairy wedding in the Arena in Pula. Zagreb. 25 pages. – a picture-book inspired by the artistic installation «A Cravat around the Arena». It tells a universal love story where a cravat is a symbol and a connection between love and faith.
  3. Prosenjak, Božidar (2006). The wild horse. Zagreb. 239 pages. The novel was first published in 1989, and by now it has six editions abroad and in Croatia, two respectable literary awards and the recognition of the public and the critic. It is a story about a noble animal which realises true values in life.
  4. Edition-The Chalenge of cravat Krakow and Gdansk, 2006.
  5. Edition-The Chalenge of cravat in Cairo and Alexandria. 2005.
  6. Edition-The Chalenge of cravat in Mostar. 2004.
  7. Edition-The Chalenge of cravat in Johannesburg. 2005.
  8. Edition-The Chalenge of cravat in Wienna. 2006.


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  2. Ban, Silvana (1994). The role of industry design in international marketing. The Faculty of Economy of Zagreb. 28 pages.
  3. Chaille, Francois (1994). La grande histoire de la Cravate. Flammarion, Paris. 180 pages.
  4. Il tessuto stampato per Cravatte (1996). Gruppo Fabricanti Tessuti per Cravatte dell Associazione Serica Italiana – Como, Milano. 98 pages.
  5. Aralica, Tomislav and Aralica, Višeslav (1996). Croatian warriors through centuries, equipment, arms and uniforms of Croatian warriors from 800 AD to 1918 AD. Zagreb: Znanje. 220 pages.
  6. Pifferi, Enzo (1996). Miss Cravatta, Editrice E. P. I., Como, Italy. 143 pages.
  7. Benezak, Stefan (2000). Illustrated history of the cravat and its predecessors. SB Computer Leasing Ges. M.b. Vienna. 185 pages.
  8. Bušić, Franjo (1998). Croats in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). High-school graduation paper. Zagreb. 41 page.
  9. Sloal, Marc (2003). Ties. New York: Assouline Publishing.
  10. Brundin Danielsson, Monica (2005). Kroatien – Fantasi och fakta. 184 pages.
  11. Bridges, John and Curtis, Bryan (2003) A gentleman gets dressed up. Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press. 177 pages.
  12. Flusser, Alan (1996). Style and the man. New York: HarperCollins. 399 pages.
  13. T. & B.Blackbirds’ (2004). Etiquette- golden rules for good manners. Zagreb: Mozaik knjiga. 320 pages.
  14. Several authors (2000). Discovering the glagolitic script of Croatia. Zagreb: Erasmus. 127 pages.
  15. Peroche, Gregory (1998). La Croatie et la France- 1200 ans d’historie. Paris. 281 pages.
  16. Boppe, Paul (2004). Millitary Croatia – Croatian regiments in Napoleon’s great army. Zagreb: Ceres. 289 pages.