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The Secret Is In A Knot Around The Neck

Have you ever heard of Superman? And Spiderman? Have you ever noticed something missing on them? They are missing a tie! That round neck gives them away. Those are first sentences of Ivana Keser [...]

Symbolic potential of the cravat as a medium

In the 17th century during the Thirty Years War, the French loved the scarves they saw around the necks of Croatian soldiers. They were simple, colourful, fluttering and tied in an elegant way. They [...]


Some of the most famous quotations about the cravat are available here. The mysticism and the symbolic of the cravat is best seen in the sentences of famous people who considered the cravat not [...]

What does a cravat say?

There is no colour, pattern or shape that popular psychology will not associate with a certain character trait. According to some psychologic research, in their stripes, colours, squares and dots cravats hide habits, vices [...]

Cravat in history

A cravat, symbol of culture and elegance, is associated with Croats. They have not actually patented it, but they spread it as an accesorry across Europe in the 17th century. Then it became and, [...]