Exhibition “The Knot in the Rock – The Cravats of Imota”


 19.09.2007 In the Ethnographical Museum in Zagreb, an exhibition of photographs has been opened, entitled “The Knot in the Rock – the Cravats of Imota” organized by the Academia Cravatica. The exhibition consists of about 220 old photographs taken in the period from the middle of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century. The photographs, as unique documents of time, show the people of the Imotska krajina over that one hundred year period, a variety of people and groups, from labourers to “gentlemen”, in a variety of life situations, but with one common characteristic – they are all wearing cravats as ornamentation. The editors of the exhibition are Sanda Lončar and Suzana Budimir, and the exhibition collection is also the work of Nikola Albaneže. It is open until the 30th September. On 26th September 2007 in the Ethnographical Museum a monograph was presented from the series “Cities, Regions, Countries and the Cravat”, entitled “A Knot in the Rock – the Cravats of Imota”, sponsored by Academia Cravatica. For you, our dear friends and visitors to our web site, we present the introduction to this book, by Sanda Lončar, entitled A remembrance and sign.