We invite all cravat lovers and others who are interested in helping our institution with non-financial donations. Our institution is open to all kinds of various interesting materials connected with the cravat such as interesting cravats (a club cravat, a cravat with a locality motif, signed cravats), paintings with an interesting cravat motif, literary publications which present the cravat in an interesting way, film footage (e.g. interesting ways of knotting a cravat filmed on tape), photos or other things which are connected with the cravat.

If you are willing to donate or learn more about donations, please contact us at: info@academia-cravatica.hr.

We cover postage and transportation expenses.

Depending on their type and quality, donations will be used in various projects, presented on our web page, donated to the holdings of the new cravat museum, presented in the traveling exhibition «The challenge of cravat», used in Academia Cravatica’s publications and in various film or documentary video materials. The list of donators will be presented on the internet. All materials will be used exclusively to promote the cravat as Croatian and world cultural heritage.

Tailoring firm “TS cult” from Vukovar, he sent us a hand-painted ties with motifs of the city of Vukovar