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Hironori Ura likes Croatia and Japan

The artistic works of Japanese artist inspired by Croatian ties As a part of weeks of Japanese culture, gastronomy and technology "Croatia loves Japan, Japan loves Croatia", an exhibition of young Japanese artist, Hironori [...]

Children and cravats

Marijan Bušić‘s project ‘Cravat in education and upbringing of children and teenagers’ is elaborated in a letter sent to Croatian president Franjo Tuđman in 1995. The project is a part of a larger project: [...]

Materials that go together

When one chooses a cravat to wear that day, one also has to pay attention to the material. There are certain rules that should be followed to make the choice easier. For example, because [...]

Cravat psychology

Psychology and clinic psychology have studied the cravat as a unique fashion phenomenon. Here are some interesting insights. If a person wears only one cravat type: striped patterns reveal a powerful will and power [...]