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18th October – The Cravat day!

The purpose of Cravat DayThe installation “A Cravat around the Arena”, performed on 18th October 2003 in Pula, created by Marijan Bušić, was as a world scale spectacle, seen on world television by more [...]

Cravat day 2010 in Croatia and the World

The Croatian origin of the cravat During the Thirty Years War in the 17th century (1618-1648) Croatian soldiers were known everywhere as exceptional warriors, and they joined the French royal army. Alongside their military [...]

Cravat travels to the center of Kyoto

Judging by recent agreements between Franjo Bušić, director of Academia Cravatica and Diasake Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto Croatian cravat could soon be exposed and promoted in the cultural center of the city, still known as [...]

Tie-art by Nicholas Daddazio

Nicholas B. Daddazio is an artist devoted to the study of the cravat and its symbolism. He is also a special correspondent for Academia Cravatica from New York. His study of the cravat resulted [...]