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Croatian silk

The main goal of the project “Croatian silk” is to revive the tradition of sericulture in Croatia. The purpose of the project is preservation of old handicrafts (silkworm breeding, silk weaving and dying) and [...]

Installation – A Cravat around Dubrovnik

The project “A tie around Dubrovnik” is planned for the year 2009. The project’s basic characteristics are knotting a cravat around the Old Town walls, and its lower part will be placed in the [...]

Monograph on etiquette and cravats

A cravat is a symbol of polite and elegant behavior. This monograph presents basic modern etiquette, including all aspects of the culture of clothing.

Cravat monograph

Academia Cravatica collects and prepares documents, photo-materials and texts for multilingual photo-monograph under the working title “Croatia-homeland of cravat”. The book is going to present the cravat phenomenon as a Croatian invention in a [...]