Cravat or notice of dismissal

It is well known that Croatian administration of justice is crowded with various indictments. However, it is very unlikely that there is a case similar to the one in Austria. The issue of clothing is a specific problem in some companies. Each company has it own dress code or tries to adopt one in order to be recognizable and unique in its field of work.

A Viennese, Gerhard P., became aware of the fact that a dress code is not a private matter. The man was given a notice from an Austrian bank because of inappropriate clothing. Gerhard refused to wear a cravat. Some of his superiors even tolerated it, but when he started to wear a thick golden chain instead, a notice of dismissal was inevitable. For three years his attorney was trying to prove that what one wears to work is a private matter. He failed.

(Slobodna Dalmacija, 1/13/2000)