Marijan Bušić‘s project ‘Cravat in education and upbringing of children and teenagers’ is elaborated in a letter sent to Croatian president Franjo Tuđman in 1995. The project is a part of a larger project: Croatia-homeland of the cravat which was started in 1990 by Marijan Bušić. Non-profit institution Academia Cravatica (AC) has realized several projects which promote the cravat in education and upbringing of children and teenagers (picture-book The story of the cravat (2001); exhibition of children cravat drawings in Anglo-American playroom in Zagreb (2001); Veli Jože’s cravat picture-book (2003) and Balun video-clip (2003).)

‘Cravat in education and upbringing of children and teenagers’ project will include preschool children, elementary school students, high-school students and students. It will analyze the cravat as a specific communication medium and a recognizable symbol of Croatia around the world. Within the project, a scientific (psychological-pedagogical) valorisation of the role and the results of cravat-related education in children and teenagers is anticipated. Kindergarten “Šumska jagoda” incorporated the Cravat and preschool children project into their project called “Children- keepers of ancestral heritage”. The project is based on the basic human rights to the full development of human personality and to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

A child also has the right to a regional and national identity. The cravat has an important role in that process because it is a universal symbol of success and festivity, dignity and civility. At the same time it represents an epochal Croatian contribution and is a widely known Croatian image symbol. The identity upbringing process, which emphasizes creativity, children’s ideas and interests, also encompasses educating children about understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations regardless of their cultural identities.