Can a cravat influence employment

Columnist Patricia Kitchen writes about the cravat and men’s business world. She described her accidental encounter with two businessmen who were talking about cravats. Patricia was interested in their conversation, because they were human resources managers, and asked them how a cravat can influence one’s job interview.

The manager said that it was not decisive, but the cravat had to be well knotted. (Click on Education programme to see how to knot a cravat).

He gave more advice:

wear a plain cravat with a striped shirt and a striped cravat with a plain shirt
pay attention to colours; do not wear a brown cravat with a black shirt or a pink cravat with a green shirt
know your future employers; if you are going to an interview to a conservative company or a bank, do not wear flashy clothes
Do not wear a cravat too short, either. The tip of the cravat should touch the top of the belt. One candidate made a huge mistake when he came to an interview and the upper part of his cravat was shorter than the main part. Mistakes like these can influence employment because employers will spend more time looking at your cravat than your CV.

(, 10.05.2006.)